The Secret to a 100:1 ROI in Recessionary Times

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  • Trackable results from ads and marketing, yes SALES from posts, emails & texts :)
  • Find out how you can attract and convert more customers with targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies
  • Get an exclusive look inside 3 restaurant case studies to see how a 100:1 ROI is achievable
  • Why you should go on OFFENSE vs defense and should not reduce your marketing budget in a recession


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CEO | America's Best Restaurants

Matt Plapp

As the CEO of America's Best Restaurants, I'm here to help independent restaurant owners succeed. With over two decades of experience in digital and radio marketing, I've gained a wealth of knowledge that I bring to this role. Not only have I written three books on restaurant marketing with a fourth coming out in 2023, but I've also personally visited more than 1,000 restaurants to gain deeper insights about what works and what doesn't when it comes to restaurant success. That's why I host four podcasts – MPTV, Restaurant Expert Roundup, Own Their Phones and Restaurant Marketing Secrets – with each one carefully tailored to provide unique value for restaurant owners. At the end of the day, my goal is simple: success for independent restaurant owners!

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